tile regrouting

If tiles in your home or business become dull, discoloured or the grout begins to crumble away consider regrouting instead of re-tiling.

Regrouting has many benefits over retiling and is advised when you have tiles in good condition but the grout is starting to corrode. It will significantly improves the appearance of any tiled area.

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Leaking shower repair

Waterproof & seal shower leaks 100%. Without the need to remove tiles. Cost effective & efficient.

Contrary to belief most shower leaks aren’t because of bad plumbing but through building movement. This movement occurs naturally over time as your home settles to its foundations. Over time the silicone and grout will become weak and crack. Especially between the floor and wall junctions within the shower.

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Sealant application

We offer sealant application to all areas required. From kitchen work tops, newly fitted bathrooms and full top to bottom application to new build houses.

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